Client Charter

Our commitment as staffs of Penang Islamic Religious Council are to deliver a transparent, efficient and quality service for all clients. We hereby pledge that:

  1. To process applications of transferring Waqf (Endowment) Properties to Penang State Islamic Religious Council within 6 months from the  date application received
  2. To process all applications pertaining to sale and purchase, appealing of Baitulmal property price reduction within 6 months from the   date application received
  3. To process all applications of Baitulmal's property rentals  within 4 months from the date application received
  4. To ensure complete process of Baitulmal's property title within  7 days after receiving order from Court
  5. To accept all things surrendered to Baitulmal and managing with  trust in an efficient and perfect
  6. To receive and dispose Luqatah property according to the standard procedure within 18 months from the date of acceptance of such  property
  7. To ensure all development projects by Penang State Islamic Religious Council implemented according to the schedule
  8. To consider and giving comments upon mosque/surau plan to the Local Authority or Developer within 3 weeks
  9. To ensure the payment of salaries and allowance for the staffs and Members of Penang Islamic Religious Council done according to the schedule
  10. To ensure payment upon all services and supplies received done within 1 month subjected to complete claims made by the suppliers.
  11. To ensure rent collection of all premises owned by Penang Islamic Religious Council implemented on schedule.
  12. To receive payment and issuing receipts immediately.
  13. To complete and ensure that Penang Islamic Religious Council's financial statements in order before 31st May.
  14. To respond/answer all letters within 2 weeks from the date received.
  15. To serve all complaints and ensure that prompt action will be taken within 7 working days..
  16. To ensure all enquiries from clients are attended with accurate, clear and friendly manner.